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Aqui podem ler um excerto do polémico livro "The Cult of the Amateur" de Andrew Keen onde ataca a Internet e o fenómeno da web 2.0 ("the user generated contend")

Web 2.0's Top 1,000 List!

Help yourself!

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Blogues na sala de aula

Estou aqui a divulgar este workshop: Blogues na sala de aula

Encontram mais informação em

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Do You know "e-Content plus"?

Luisa Marquardt (consultant CASPUR, teacher at University "Roma TRE") sent us (ENSIL members) an e-mail to report she had taken part in a "e-Content plus" meeting at the NationalResearch Council (Rome).It was a pre-screening day, useful forpotential applicants and sent to ENSIL members this link:

As she writes: Eligibilty criteria were shown. Interoperability, sustainability beyond the Project duration itself, advantages for large public (e.g., innovative and accessible ICT based services), multilingual services and digital libraries implementation, are some of the issues discussed.
It was underlined that it's more important to share already existing educational or scholarly contents than to build new ones. The content should come from more than one European Country (even non EU member), not from other continents (or these contents should be integrated in EU ones).

I think it's worthy reading, specially by the school librarians!

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Out of Isolation Circles:Web 2.0 for Teacher Professional Development

Today I attended an online conference that was happening at the british Council in Khartoum, Sudan! Our convener and discussion leader was my virtual colleague and friend, webhead facilitator Hala Fawzi. Hala is a Sudanese teacher of English, now studying her Ph.D about teacher online professional development.

I think that her slides and other material could serve as an inspiration also for school librarians in Portugal (and all over the world).

For those who are really interested there will also be a recording of the audio and chat with slides available at the server. Here's the link:
Slides at Slideshare here

Presentation wiki and handout material at

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Descobri mais uma 'ferramenta' no Google que pode ser bastante útil para fazermos uma página pessoal e guardarmos os nossos marcadores.Aqui

I discovered a new tool in Google which can be much useful to create a personal site and keep our bookmarks.

Photos from Theka

Thank you for inviting me your blog. Here are some photos from the meeting.
Obrigado convidando me seu blog. Estão aqui algumas fotos da reunião.